Critical Tits Party FAQs

Q: What is Critical Tits about, anyhow?

A: There are as many answers to this question as there are women who have participated. The ride started in 1996 on a day when the Critical Mass ride was taking place in San Francisco. Five of us painted our chests, got on our bikes and rode through BRC shouting “Critical Tits.” Women joined us and men bowed down. Each year since then the ride has more or less doubled in size. We had 5000+ riders in previous years.

Obviously something about the experience resonates with women. We are the largest gathering of women on the playa, and for many of us, the experience offers a meaningful connection to the power of female energy within ourselves and within our playa community.

Q: When is the ride?

A: The ride starts at 4 pm on Friday at the Man. Please respect the fact that the ride is for women and girls only.

Q: What happens at the end of the ride?

A: Each year, the ride ends in a different manner. The end-of-ride event is meant as an opportunity for women to connect with each other, to take a moment to deeply notice how the ride resonates inside of you, and to honor all of the feelings that may have been birthed during the ride. It is an opportunity to pause for just a moment to recognize the power of your community of women.

Q: I want my boyfriend/husband/lover to join me—can he?

A: The ride and the post-ride event is for women and girls only. And we fully understand that you may want to celebrate the joy of this moment with someone (non-female) who is important to you. If they are interested in being of service, then they can volunteer volunteer, although they may not actually be spending the time with you in their role. We hope that many camps and individuals will find ways to celebrate the riders after the ride in ways that will meet all of your needs.

Q: I want to participate, but don't want my picture taken. What can I do?

A: Burning Man policy is that no pictures are to be taken without asking permission. You can help us by spreading that word, to campmates, friends, and people you met before, after and during the ride. You can find more about this at:

Q: I have more questions...

A: Great! Please contact us.